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Surf Club Swim Team

Current Recordholders by Age and Stroke (time in seconds)





GIRLS                         BOYS                           

5/6 freestyle

K. Sommers/7.60

M. Salvatore/7.17

5/6 kickboard

K. Sommers/8.06

M. Salvatore/8.93




7/8 freestyle

E. Weiss/16.84

M. Salvatore/16.32

7/8 backstroke

K. Sommers/18.49

M. Salvatore/20.42

7/8 butterfly

E. Weiss/18.62

M. Salvatore/18.79

7/8 breaststroke

E. Weiss/20.66

T. Schellbach/22.00




9/10 freestyle

E. Weiss/16.84

T. Robinson/14.37

9/10 backstroke

K. Sommers/TBD

T. Robinson/17.66

9/10 butterfly

K. Sommers/TBD

E. Fucigna/16.12

9/10 breaststroke

E. Weiss/15.68

B. McGrath/18.07




11/12 freestyle

B. Burke/13.00

P. McChesney/11.47

11/12 backstroke

E. Calderoni/15.70

T. Robinson/15.10

11/12 butterfly

E. Calderoni/13.57

E. Fucigna/13.99

11/12 breaststroke

B. Burke/13.84

T. Robinson/17.81




13/14 freestyle

B. Burke/11.57

P. McChesney & C. Gibson/12.42

13/14 backstroke

B. Burke/13.01

H. Fernandez/14.26

13/14 butterfly

B. Burke/12.90

P. McChesney/12.49

13/14 breaststroke

B. Burke/13.84

B. McGrath/15.63




15/16 freestyle

B. Burke/11.50

P. McChesney/10.81

15/16 backstroke

B. Burke/13.09

T. Robinson//14.05

15/16 butterfly

B. Burke/12.51

B. Coughlin/12.40

15/16 breaststroke

B. Burke/14.05

B. McGrath/13.97





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